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The Interactive Human Body

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At Pocket Anatomy, we design interactive 3D medical anatomy software for iOS and MacOS devices. Explore the human body like never before with our award-winning suite of apps.

Our Apps in Action

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  • Jeff Lohman

    In my role as a science teacher at High Tech High in San Diego, I was approached by the Pocket Anatomy team to provide feedback during the beta-testing phase of development for High School Anatomy.

    The team was very receptive to my comments and used them to improve the app as a classroom resource. I’m looking forward to using it with my students.

    Jeff Lohman

    Science Teacher

    High Tech High
    San Diego, CA
  • David Leigh

    “I find Pocket Anatomy to be an excellent source of information for any Anatomy student in any health discipline. There are many applications out there but Pocket Anatomy is easy to use and provides all the information a student will need.

    It is easy to navigate and is well worth the investment. I recommend it highly.”

    David Leigh

    Asst. Clinical Professor

    Marquette University Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • Arya Zarrinkhat

    “Having downloaded every anatomy app prior to Pocket Anatomy, I can say (hands down) that this app is the best looking, most useful and extensive anatomy app. Pocket Anatomy has helped me study for my final BSc Medical Physiology exams and is helping to get through MSc (preregistration) Physiotherapy. I am sure it will continue to serve me as an important clinical tool that is very easy and convenient to access. To top off the experience, the staff behind the app are always helpful and listen to everyone’s feedback.”

    Arya Zarrinkhat

    MSc (Preregistration) Physiotherapy Student

    St George's University, London
  • Denise Liu

    “As a medical student, I find myself looking up anatomical parts on the app whenever I need a refresher. Other times, I would use the app to demonstrate as I speak to fellow students or professors. I find it to be a very useful visualization tool.

    The app developers have great customer service and are continually coming up with new updates. I have high hopes that this will replace the cadaver lab (not as a class but for studying and memorizing purposes).”

    Denise Liu

    Student Bioengineering, Chemistry

    University of Toledo
  • Robert Liberace

    “If you’re starting your exploration of anatomy or if you’re furthering your studies, Pocket Anatomy is indispensable.

    The beautifully detailed graphics offer a virtual amusement park ride through the complexities of the body, a ride that’s sure to ignite a fascination in anatomy and lead to a deeper understanding of the human body.”

    Robert Liberace

    American Realist Artist

  • Carolyn Blissett

    “Pocket Anatomy is an extremely impressive and fun app that I use to help me to review anatomy. It is like having a virtual cadaver with a concise anatomy textbook at my fingertip!

    The customized quizzes are very beneficial and the amount of valuable information provided for each structure (muscle, joint, organ, etc) amazes me! I would highly recommend this app to any student or professional in the medical field!”

    Carolyn Blissett

    Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

    University of Kentucky
  • Brett Fischer

    “I am blessed to rehabilitate and train some of the best athletes in the world here at Fischer Sports Physical Therapy. One of the tools that I rely on daily is the Pocket Anatomy app on my iPad!

    This amazingly informative app allows me to properly explain and actually show where my client’s specific dysfunction is located on his or her body. This valuable visual tool puts my athletes at ease and guides them as we discuss their specific rehab strategy and goals. Pocket Anatomy is a must for every healthcare practitioner!”

    Brett Fischer


    Owner Fischer Sports Physical Therapy
  • Tamara M. Jette, M.D.

    “This app is very easy to use and tests a very complex and vast knowledge set with a simplified interface. I wanted an app that I could use to test my anatomy knowledge while on the go because I have so little time to study in the conventional sense.

    This fulfills this requirement and does so much more! I also very much appreciate the quiz options. Overall great app.”

    Tamara M. Jette, M.D.

    Department of Neurosurgery

    Temple University Hospital

What's Coming

HIGH SCHOOL ANATOMY APP IS NOW LIVE: Our award-winning Pocket Anatomy software is now available for Middle and High Schools. Full 3D male & female body App with content aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Teacher's Guide, and Tips on how best to use in the Classroom.

Our Apps

Pocket Anatomy

  • Full Female and Male Anatomy.
  • 100,000 words of detailed learning content.
  • 360° fluid rotation.
  • All anatomical content resides in the app (no need for wi-fi or 3G).
  • Intuitive navigation (so you don’t have to scroll through long menus).
  • Multiple quiz types & options, enabling self-paced learning.
  • Ability to add your own notes within the app.
  • Interactive engaging multimedia content.
  • Share content across devices.
  • Universal Build – for iPhone and iPad.

Full body app, with its elegant design and nine layers of musculoskeletal, neurovascular, and internal organ visual content, contains over 100,000 words of learning material - Find out more

  • Pocket Anatomy

    Full body app, with its stunning graphical interface and nine layers of musculoskeletal, neurovascular, and internal organ visual content, contains over 100,000 words of learning material. Learn More »

  • Pocket Heart

    Realtime beating 3D heart app, with its elegant design, contains quizzes, clinical cases and over 30,000 words of learning material. Ideal for medical students, coronary health care professionals and patients. Learn More »

  • Pocket Brain

    Award-winning brain app, with its beautiful architecture in eight layers of 3D neuro-anatomy, cross sections, nerve pathway animations and clinical case studies, contains over 50,000 words of learning material. Learn More »