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Our medically accurate, male and female anatomical content is packed with over 100,000 words of learning content as well as 1000s of award-winning medical animations, so now you really do have the entire human body in the palm of your hand.

Real-3D Experience

Fly around the human body with a swipe of your finger with Pocket Anatomy for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Search through 1000s of anatomical structures and system layers including skin, skeletal, connective tissue, muscular, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary and more.

Truly mobile

No matter what mobile device you’re using, iPad or iPhone, you always have access to the full and complete source of medical information. Videos, images and content is perfectly adapted to any size of screen.

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Retina Pixel Perfect

The human body is complex, so there’s no space for blurry or inaccurate imagery. We take full advantage of Apple’s Retina displays to make sure you view human anatomy in the highest resolution possible.

Available on all Apple devices

Our application works on your iPhone, iPad and OSX Computer. So no matter if you're on the go or in your office you can always have access to our medical library and videos.
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Rich Learning Content

Fly around the human body with a swipe of your finger. Search through 1000s of anatomical structures such as ligaments, tendons and arteries. Browse system layers and learn clinically relevant information within our 100,000 words of detailed learning content.

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The Power of 3D Animation

Within Pocket Anatomy, you can visualize complex medical concepts with the newly added Blausen Animations Library – the World’s leading library of award winning 3D medical animations. There are more than 1,000 award-winning animations, detailing anatomy, physiology, conditions and procedures.

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Systems and Anatomy Views

Pocket Anatomy includes full 3D male and female anatomy as well as detailed stand alone visual information on Human Systems. In addition to offering 360 Degree rotation of the body, there is also the option of accessing both Cranial and Plantar viewpoints

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Now Available on OSX devices

Now you can fly around the human body using your mouse, or track pad on your MacBook and iMac. Take advantage of a larger screen to get even more detailed view of human anatomy

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We Are Different

We are Passionate

We are a team of healthcare professionals, educators and interaction designers passionate about the intersection of healthcare and visual learning. It is our privilege to bring you meaningful mobile medical education software apps.

We Listen

We see you (yes you!) as a fundamental building block of our company. Our growing community of users regularly contact us to say how we can improve the design, usability and learning content within our software apps. We invite you to do the same!

We are Innovative

Multi-Award winning and regularly recognised by Apple as innovative app developers in the field of medical education, we are always looking for innovative ways to enhance the user experience.

We keep it simple

KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid! Yes, we are huge fans of the KISS approach to app design, and look to you, our users, as a source of inspiration for how we can continuously improve our suite of anatomy apps.

We Love usability

Attention to detail and a strong sense of user-centred-design underpin all of our work here in Pocket Anatomy. We regularly run focus groups, carry out needs analysis, and conduct paper-prototyping with our customers. Let us know if you would also like to participate!

Global Partners

We have recently forged partnerships with Blausen Medical in Texas, bringing your award winning 3D Medical animations, and Start Up Health in New York. Both partnerships ensuring we continue to bring you highly innovative and meaningful 3D anatomy and healthcare software.

You're in Good Company

  • Testimonial
    An excellent source of information for any Anatomy student in any health discipline. There are many applications out there but Pocket Anatomy is easy to use and provides all the information a student will need. It is easy to navigate and is well worth the investment.
    David Leigh, Clinical ProfessorMarquette University Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • Testimonial
    Having downloaded every anatomy app prior to Pocket Anatomy, I can say (hands down) that this app is the best looking, most useful and extensive anatomy app. To top off the experience, the staff behind the app are always helpful and listen to everyone's feedback.
    Arya Zarrinkhat , MSc PhysiotherapySt George's University, London
  • Testimonial
    @pocketanatomy is one of our top 5 apps for Doctors...

    ...what are yours?
    The British Medical Association@TheBMA
  • Testimonial
    This beautiful app by @pocketanatomy offers
    mobile medical education for students.

    Apple iTunesU, Cupertino@iTunesU
  • Testimonial
    An extremely impressive app that I use to help me to review anatomy. It is like having a virtual cadaver with a concise anatomy textbook at my fingertip! The customized quizzes are very beneficial and the amount of valuable information provided for each structure (muscle, joint, organ, etc) amazes me!
    Carolyn Blissett, Doctor of Physical Therapy StudentUniversity of Kentucky
  • Testimonial
    This amazingly informative app allows me to properly explain and actually show where my client's specific dysfunction is located on his or her body. This valuable visual tool puts my athletes at ease and guides them as we discuss their specific rehab strategy and goals.
    Brett Fischer, PT, ATC, CSCSFischer Sports
  • Testimonial
    As a medical student, I find myself looking up anatomical parts on the app whenever I need a refresher. Other times, I use the app to demonstrate as I speak to fellow students or professors. I find it to be a very useful visualization tool.
    Denise Liu, Medical StudentUniversity of Toledo
  • Testimonial
    I was approached by the Pocket Anatomy team to provide feedback during the beta-testing phase of development for High School Anatomy. The team was very receptive to my comments and used them to improve the app as a classroom resource. I'm looking forward to using it with my students.
    Jeff Lohman, Science TeacherHigh Tech High, San Diego
The human body is an exciting frontier to explore — from the first time you outline your body on paper in kindergarten to see how all the parts fit together, to college when you’re studying the arterial system of the brain.

- Charlotte Seidman, Educational Content and Blog Author at Pocket Anatomy