Anatomy of the abdominal aorta by Pocket Anatomy.'
Friday, 10 December 2021 / Published in Pocket Anatomy Pins
Course Enters the abdomen as a continuation of the thoracic aorta by passing through the aortic hiatus of the diaphragm at the level of T12. Descends downward slightly to the left of the midline until it bifurcates into the left and right common iliac arteries at the level to L4. The inferior vena cava travels
Building a 3D Human. Phase 3: Muscular System
Wednesday, 19 July 2017 / Published in 3D Human, Teaching Anatomy
After the completion of the Skeletal System, Connective Tissues and Muscular System, the next phase was to construct the internal organs of the reproductive, digestive, and respiratory systems.
Pocket Anatomy Muscular System
Friday, 14 July 2017 / Published in 3D Human, Teaching Anatomy
After the completion of the Skeletal System and Connective Tissues, the next phase was to construct the muscular system, which enables the body to move, maintain posture, and circulate blood and consists of skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles. Firstly the creation of the muscular system was approached in very much the same way as the
Pocket Anatomy Connective Tissue
Friday, 14 July 2017 / Published in 3D Human, Teaching Anatomy
After completion of the skeletal system, building the cartilage, ligaments, and connective tissues within the body was the next logical phase as along with the bones, these are the fibrous connective tissues that also provide structural support and protection within the body. All of the connective tissue was sculpted  by hand in ZBrush on top of the skeleton model. After
Saturday, 15 April 2017 / Published in 3D Human
In June 2016, our team started on a journey to develop a 3D Human Anatomy Model. As the skeleton is the support structure of the human body – giving the body its shape and form, providing attachment points for muscles to allow movement of the joints and serving as a frame for protecting the organs
Anatomy of Immune System
Wednesday, 14 December 2016 / Published in Health and Education, Teaching Anatomy
December Awareness Months and Weeks bring us a variety of topics, including three related to the immune system—WHO World AIDS Day, National Influenza Vaccination Week, and National Handwashing Week—and one to support a fun holiday season!
Movember, Mens Health
Wednesday, 02 November 2016 / Published in Health and Education
Movember, if you’re not already familiar with the term, is a combination of “mo” (short for moustache) and “November”, and is celebrated as a way to draw attention to cancers that affect men, particularly prostate and testicular cancers…because men are dying too young. (#Movember)
UC Irvine iPad Initiative
Tuesday, 01 November 2016 / Published in Teaching Anatomy
“…there are quite a few apps that effectively marry anatomy content and the iPad technology such as the Pocket Anatomy app.” Dr. Warren Weichmann, University of California Irvine.
Tuesday, 25 October 2016 / Published in Teaching Anatomy, Tutorial
Hello! Pocket Anatomy is there on your iPad and you get excited every time you show it to your friends. The coolest part? Flipping through the two human models showing the layers and the beautiful 3D graphic details. Our Interactive 3D Human Body app is designed in such a way to allow you to navigate and
Medical Dictionary
Friday, 21 October 2016 / Published in Teaching Anatomy
Last month we started to see how medical terminology, no matter how complex it looks like, can be decoded by becoming more familiar with words roots deriving from -mostly – Greek and Latin. So far we focused only on parts of the human body. This month, we will look at more general concepts, like diseases