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Marie Boran in The Gadget Republic wrote the following feature on the Pocket Heart App for the Irish Times Silicon Republic online Technology journal.

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The Pocket Anatomy Team

Galway firm brings first 3-D medical app to iPhone

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A 3-D iPhone application, allowing the user to rotate, zoom and navigate their way through the human heart, has been developed by eMedia, a campus company at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology’s Innovation in Business Centre.

Pocket Heart is the first 3-D medical application to come to Apple’s iPhone App Store and offers students a unique way to view the workings of the heart.

The application is aimed at secondary students, pre med and first-year med students, and the general public interested in the internal workings of the human body.

It is also suitable for GPs and clinicians who wish to better illustrate their diagnoses to patients.

“Pocket Heart is a fun and novel way to study and discover how the human heart works,” said eMedia director Mark Campbell.

“Our unique interface gives you the opportunity of viewing the heart in 3D, enabling you to rotate, zoom and navigate through all of the important areas of the heart.

“So whether you’re at study, at work, or on-the-move, Pocket Heart is your portable 3-D biology text book, allowing you to see the inner workings of the heart in a much more realistic and engaging way than traditional 2-D illustration-based media,” Campbell explained.

Pocket Heart is the first in the Pocket Anatomy series from eMedia.

By Marie Boran

Source: Gadget Republic