Med Gadget Profiles 3D Pocket Heart iPhone App

Our friends in MedGadget were very enthusiastic in responding to our call to review the latest iPhone App to be released by Pocket Anatomy.

Thanks guys!

Full article below:

Pocket Heart, A Cardiac Anatomy Learning Tool for iPhone

Pocket HearteMedia Interactive Ltd. out of Galway, Ireland has released an iPhone app to help learn the anatomy of the heart. Using the Pocket Heart app, one can browse the organ in three dimensions using zoom and rotate features, identify individual components, and take quizzes to test one’s knowledge. This simulator might also be helpful to medical students, residents and clinicians learning to perform echocardiography, by allowing to correlate echo images to the anatomy. So grab the Pocket Heart and head to our own EchoJournal to learn more about cardiac echoes.

Some features of the application:

1. Toggle between Interior and Exterior views of the heart. 2. Turn on and off the heartbeat. 3. Switch on and off the blood flow. 4. Navigate to a specific feature from an index option. 5. Tap on an information pin to display its name and corresponding information. 6. Test your understanding of the heart’s structure and functions. 7. Save your quiz options and return at a later stage during your user-session.

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Source: MedGadget.Com