POCKET BRAIN: Explore the Human Brain like Never Before

Pocket Brain - Explore the Human Brain like Never Before.
With Pocket Brain, we’ve made an exciting App that transforms teaching, learning and communication of the human brain. Pocket Brain assists the medical, nursing or health care professionals communicate with their patients, as well as learn and share clinically relevant neuroanatomy with colleagues. For neuroanatomy students, Pocket Brain will help you prepare for and be successful in your neuroanatomy examinations. It makes advanced human anatomy content available on demand, while serving as a supplement to the lectures, classes and complementary texts used by the medical and health care students. The app will act as a continuing anatomy resource throughout a student degree program and will also operate as a comprehensive neuroanatomy reference tool for the health care professional in the workplace.

Award winning Pocket Anatomy brings you Pocket Brain in 3D – 8 layers of neuroanatomy with clinical cases, cross sections, nerve pathways…and over 30,000 words of learning material.
Pocket Brain is a fully searchable interactive 3D atlas of the human brain, which allows the busy medical and nursing student or allied health care professional to visualize the human brain. Additional features allow the user to make learning notes as they progress through the learning content, and the app incorporates three different types of built-in anatomy quizzes, which act as a self-test capability to assist in learning and exam preparation.

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