Irish Times names Pocket Heart as Download of the week!

The Irish Times Technology Editor for the Business supplement recommended the Pocket Heart iPhone App as their team’s ‘DOWNLOAD’ this week. Full feature below.

Many thanks!

The Pocket Anatomy Team.


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Holding your Pocket Heart in your hand THE IPHONE and iPod Touch are not just for entertainment as the release of what is claimed to be the first 3D medical app for the Apple platform underlines. Pocket Heart, an interactive guide to the human heart, is the work of Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology campus company eMedia, which is planning a suite of 3D medical apps.

Costing €4.99, the target market is secondary school biology students, medical students, doctors looking for novel ways to communicate diagnoses to patients, or anyone interested in how the body works.

Source: Irish Times Newspaper

Irish Times (Download of the Week)